Christmas Carol Puzzles

14 Dec

I love puzzles of all kinds.  Jigsaw puzzles, word searches, crosswords, brain teasers, child-proof lids, etc.  I also love Christmas music!  So I’ve put together these fun Christmas Puzzles for your enjoyment during the holiday season.  They’re a great way to pass the time at your family Christmas party while you’re waiting on cousin Eddie to park his RV, or a fun group activity at this year’s church or business luncheon.  You can print them out as individual sheets, or print them front and back like we did this year and use both at the same time.


The Christmas Carol PuzzleChristmas_Carol_Puzzle

This puzzle dates back to the 70’s and my version is a modification of the original.  You can find out more about the origin and history of this groovy puzzle here.

Christmas Carol Puzzle PDF – Questions

Christmas Carol Puzzle PDF – Answers


Christmas Carol TriviaChristmas_Carol_Trivia

Here are 25 questions based on popular Christmas songs, both secular and sacred.  Have fun!!

Christmas Carol Trivia PDF – Questions

Christmas Carol Trivia PDF – Answers






A Christmas QuizChristmas_Quiz

When she found out about my little collection, a good friend sent me this 20 question quiz that she had in her files.  Can you separate Christmas Fact from Christmas fiction?  Some good questions here!  Enjoy!!

Christmas Quiz PDF – Questions

Christmas Quiz PDF – Answers

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