Losing Sleep Over the Lost

Me and EvieJune 25, 2015 – Evie (our 9-year-old deep thinker) called me into her room last night because she couldn’t sleep. I sat on the edge of her bed as she shared her concerns.

“If the gates to Hell are wide and the way to Heaven is narrow… that means that most of the people on Earth are going to Hell. Right? It makes me sad to think about some of my friends who know about Jesus and just don’t care, but it makes me even sadder to think about all the people in the world who have never heard about Jesus.”

I assured her that her mom and I shared her sentiment.  That’s the reason we pray for the nations, that’s the reason we work with Nehemiah Teams​ and that’s the reason I’m going to Nicaragua next week… to make the name of Jesus known.  Lots of people have never heard the Gospel and it’s our responsibility as Christians to tell them.

I was moved to tears by the compassion of my child, but as I kissed her goodnight and laid down in my own bed I was deeply convicted about my own lack of concern.  And so I leave you with the same questions the Holy Spirit was whispering in my ear as I drifted off to sleep…

“Hey Robert, when is the last time you told someone about what Jesus has done for you?”

“Hey Robert, have you ever lost sleep because one of your friends is on that wide road to Hell?”

“How about a stranger, Robert?  How much do you care about the lost?”

“What are you doing to make the name of Jesus known?”

“Your daughter knows that more people die every day and they need to know about Jesus now, but where is your sense of urgency?”

“I love you, Robert.  I made you, and I love you.  You can’t change the past, but tomorrow is a new day.  Get up in the morning and lead your family to do what I’ve called you to do.”



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