“What happens when I die?”

14 Jun

I’ve gotten used to my kids coming up with the most unusual questions at the most inopportune times, (it’s amazing what kids think about when we’re not looking) but sometimes our answers reflect what’s on our mind more than what’s on theirs.  My grand-dad just celebrated his 82nd birthday and has been very ill over the past 2 months so perhaps his final days have been on my mind more than I thought.  This conversation really happened the other day with my 9-year-old and one of his (now educated) friends in tow.

From the backseat: “What happens if I die?”

Me: “Well the Bible says that we’ll be with Jesus in heaven. That’s where our soul goes, the part inside us that is really who we are. We’re not inside our body anymore and it’s still left here on earth. So our friends and family would have a funeral and remember the good things about us and then they would bury our body in the ground.”

From the backseat: “Um… I just meant on this DS game. Do I have to repeat the level or what?”

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